Boire un petit peu…

Woke up in time to have some breakfast. The gluten-free bread from Carrefour is to die for! Especially when toasted! I had two pieces of toast, and a cup of tea. She showed us that she’d made a quiche (that I could eat the inside of, of course) and a carrot salad After we did the dishes, our host mom showed us how to work the keys to get into the apartment, then she had her light lunch, and headed off to the wedding she had to go to. She gets back tomorrow afternoon. We headed out to go find the metro stations that she mentioned. We’d planned on taking them a little later on, but we wanted to know where they are just for starters. The metro station for ligne 3 is much closer than the one for ligne 1. We did a little exploring in the Porte Malliot station (ligne 1), so we thought we knew how to buy tickets by that point. After that, we were all a little hungry, so we headed home to have lunch after that.

Something wasn’t quite right about the apartment when we came back… We’d realized that when our host mom had left to go to her wedding (she left after we left for our walk), she somehow locked us out of the living room, which was incredibly odd and moderately upsetting. All we’d planned to do was hang out, and meet up with friends later on. If we hung out together, the living room would be a nice social area to congregate, but now that’s mysteriously out of the question… The quiche (certainly the inside at least, since I can’t taste the crust) was absolutely delicious. The carrot salad is never something that’s up my alley since I don’t like carrots, but I liked that as well.

Once we were done with lunch, we got on Facebook to find that a group message with all of our usual cohorts had been created, and most of us were currently online to see the messages. Kyle and Rouge wanted to meet up to go somewhere, and meeting at our place sounded like a good idea. Had we known ahead of time that our house was going to be the rendezvous point, we would have told our host mom, but it was a little late now… Kyle came over after a while, and we watched some of Jenna Marbles’ videos. We watched this one like, 10 times and died laughing a little bit:

Rouge let us know that she was walking to our place so we could meet up and head out. After we started eating a bag of Carambars (French version of Laffy Taffy, horrible jokes that don’t make sense included) while I unpacked my suitcase, Rouge called and said she was totally lost. We headed out to go find her, and got ourselves decently lost. We found out later that Rouge was INCREDIBLY close to our house, but none of us had any idea of that at the time. When we called her to call to see where she was, she said she was a little frustrated, and figured she’d head home since it was getting a little close to dinner time (by the time she’d walk home from where she was). She’d figured out a good “mid-way” spot for us to meet up tomorrow, so we’d see her then. Sheila and Joan wanted to go buy a bottle of wine and pass it between all of us in a park. The packet of paperwork that Sweet Briar gave us flat out says to NOT do this, because French people never drink out of a bottle in public. We argued about this for a while, and I won out. We decided that we’d stop by the Carrefour by our house and buy a bottle of wine to drink back at our place. When we got there, we saw that they had macarons, and they were gluten-free, so I bought them. Our deal with wine is that we take turns buying bottles, and the person buying the bottle gets to pick the wine. Since I was already buying the macarons, we figured I’d buy the first bottle. I love Beaujolais, so that’s what I picked out. The kind that Carrefour had was only about 3,80 euro, which was a steal. We toyed with the idea of getting a second bottle, so Sheila bought a rosé from Boredeaux.

Once we got back to the apartment, we ate the macarons. The pistachio was my favorite (the package also had raspberry, coffee, lemon, and chocolate). I had a deck of Loire Valley playing cards, so we decided we’d play King’s Cup with the Beaujolais. Since the cards were in French, we had to change what all the cards meant a little bit. We still don’t know exactly what the translation for Jack is, all we know is that it starts with a V… Viscomte? Whatever. We never did actually use a King’s Cup, we just but the wine bottle in the center and refilled as our glasses got a little low. The whole idea of King being rule and Queen being question still worked, since King is Roi and rule/règle was perfect, as was Dame and demander. So our card breakdown looked like this:

Ace: Hot Seat (each person asks the person that drew the card a question, and if they don’t want to answer, they have to drink)
Roi: Règle (person that drew the card creates a rule)
Dame: Demander (look at another player and ask a question, this continues until someone is caught off guard and “loses,” then that person drinks)
Jack: Never Have I Ever (players put three fingers up, say something they’ve never done, and if another player has done the thing mentioned, they put a finger down, the first player to be “out of fingers” drinks)
10: Categories (player that drew the card picks a category, and the players go around saying something that matches the category until someone can’t think of something, and they drink)
9: Rhyme (players that drew the card picks a word, and the players go around matching the end rhyme until someone can’t think of something, and they drink)
8: Mate/Date (player that drew the card picks another player to “drink with” meaning that every time either player drinks, be it a wayward sip, or when they’ve lost a round, that player’s mate/date drinks as well)
7: Heaven (players raise a hand to heaven, last player to do so drinks)
6: Chicks (all female players drink)
5: Guys (all male players drink)
4: Floor (players must touch the floor, last player to do so drinks, we just touched the table)
3: Me (player that draws the card drinks)
2: You (player that draws the card selects someone to drink)

We had a lot of fun with the rules. We seemed to always have Little Green Man (you’re supposed to take him off of your glass every time you drink, then put him back when you’re done), but we never followed it. I made the mistake of saying that we had to play the game in French, which was really hard, then I drew another roi on my next turn, so I revoked that rule and apologized profusely. I think the best rule we came up with was having to speak French when it’s your turn to draw the card, so (for example), if you’d just drawn an Ace, your questions would be in English, but your answers had to be in French. Kyle and Sheila are both going to Paris VII, and Joan and I are both going to Paris III, so we always ended up paired together for dates, which was kind of funny. I seemed to always draw Aces, which was always amusing. After we had the Beaujolais (which was absolutely delicious), we had the rosé (which wasn’t as good), and Sheila and I were decently tipsy, but all of us thought we could stand to have some more wine (it was only 7 PM by this time), so we sent Joan and Kyle out (mainly because they were the most sober, and because it was their turn to buy the next bottle/s) to buy another bottle (if not two) and some more macarons. They made Sheila and I promise to not take naps to sleep off our tipsiness. They returned with two bottles of wine (another Beaujolais, and a Gamay) and some macarons. We ate all the macarons, then played another round of King’s Cup with the Beaujolais, and we had dinner that our host mom had left for us (chicken, potatoes, and more of that carrot salad). This is where I started to have what’s called a brown out. A black out is when your brain is so over-loaded with alcohol that it can’t “record” new memories. A brown out isn’t as severe as a black out, it’s like someone’s messed with the “recording system” and it goes on the fritz every few minutes, so your program hasn’t been properly recorded, and parts are missing. I could TELL this was starting to happen, so I distinctly remember asking for a notebook so I could write down everything that was happening because I thought I was going to forget it all. It took me forever to eat dinner, so we cleared the table and left my plate there so I could continue eating through the last game of King’s Cup with the Gamay (better than the rosé, not as delicious as the Beaujolais, for the record). I hadn’t touched my water during dinner, so I played the game with my water before I started on my wine. This basically meant we each had about a bottle of wine a piece over a four hour timespan… It was about 10:00 by this time.

Once we were done, we were drunk enough that we danced to the minute-thirty previews of the Top 200 songs on iTunes… seriously… I headed into my room to make some notes so that I could do this blog later (remember, I was worried I was in a brown or a black out), and to start getting ready for bed. I was half ready for bed as it is, since I’d spilled a little bit of the Gamay wine on my khakis, and I ran in my room to put on my pajama bottoms, and to see if Tide-To-Go would take out the stain, which it surprisingly did. The rest of them followed me in, doing crazy things like planking and landsharking on my floor, then they finished off the Carambars. Those jokes are much funnier when you’re totalement ivre and not just pompette. I got ready for bed as I started to sober up. We all sat on my bed for a little while, and when Sheila and Joan decided they were going to head off to bed, I made sure Kyle was sober enough to walk himself home, and I walked him to the elevator.

It was definitely a fun night, though I think my liver has had enough work for a year…

Quand le vin est tiré, il faut le boire.

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