We’ll all keep marching on… and on… and on…

We all got up at about nine this morning and had some breakfast, and despite all of last night’s, ahem, activities, we felt just fine. Sheila and Joan like my gluten-free bread, so we all had gluten-free toast for breakfast, and relived our night in bits and pieces, giggling the whole time. After that, we all showered and got ready, removed the evidence (the wine bottles), and logged onto Facebook to see that there were plans to meet up at Parc Monceau which is very close to L’Arc de Triomphe around noon. By the time we all saw that, it was already 11:30, and we still needed to make a picnic lunch. I looked up the walking directions to the park on Google Maps while Joan and Sheila made sandwiches. We left around one after some miscommunications with Kyle (we thought we were going to walk there with him), and walked up the same direction we did to try to find Rouge yesterday…

Once we hit a massive roundabout, somehow the directions didn’t make sense anymore. We pulled out our map and realized that Google Maps had totally misled us! We should have turned LEFT leaving our house instead of going RIGHT. So we’d been walking about half an hour in the wrong direction. We looked at our map and realized that there was a metro stop right by the park, and one not far from where we were, so instead of walking for maybe an hour and a half, it was time to face our fears and take the metro for the first time.

Trying to buy a carnet (pack of ten tickets) was a little confusing and nerve-wracking for me, but we figured it out soon enough. We knew that we were at one of the terminal points on ligne 3 and we needed to get to the first transfer station for ligne 2 to get to Parc Monceau. For all the hype that our professors gave us about “guard your bags because you’ll get pick-pocketed for so much as thinking about going on the metro,” we did just fine. We made it to the park and met up with Rouge, Sandra, Suzannah, and Kyle only about… two hours after Rouge got there… After we wolfed down our lunches (well, I for some reason wasn’t all that hungry and only managed to pick at mine), we walked over to l’Arc de Triomphe and snapped a few photos, including some group shots!

W in Paris! Sheila, Kyle, Joan, Rouge, Suzannah, Sandra, and Me.


Obligatory roommate photo! Sheila and Me.

l’Arc de Triomphe, all on it’s own.

We took the underground passageway to get closer to the monument, and we hung out for a while. It was really warm in Paris today, so sitting on the monument itself was a nice break. After I felt rested, I ran around and took a few more pictures.

After we were done here, we took the metro over to Notre Dame, and took more pictures. We planned on coming back on a day when it wasn’t so crowded to get a look inside. I’ve been here already, but most of the people in my group hadn’t. Of course, the last time I was in Paris, I wasn’t even in high school yet… It would probably be good to check it out again.

Kyle, Sheila, Joan and I headed home together (one more metro ride for the day) since we all live near each other. Kyle showed us where he lived since he and Sheila would be going to Paris VII together once school started. There was a park with a kids playground nearby, and Joan loves kids, so she wanted to hang out and watch the kids for a little while. After all the walking we’d done, my feet really enjoyed the rest. Once we got home, I realized I had a blister on the underside of my right foot, which is probably one of the worst places to have one, so I’ll have to keep it covered and wear my boots for the next few days so I can wear heavier socks for extra padding.

Madame was home when we got home, so she asked about our weekend. We told a little white lie and said we’d only bought one bottle of wine and had it with dinner last night, and that we just relaxed here after finding the metro stations. We told her all about getting lost, and actually taking the metro, then hanging out at the park and everything today, however. She said the wedding she went to was lovely. Dinner was bare-naked chicken breasts with slightly seasoned pasta (even gluten-free pasta for me!) for plat principal followed by a balsamic vinaigrette seasoned salad for entrée… this whole backwards thing is driving me nuts… but we had some cheese… with the salad… without bread… and then apple sauce for dessert… I still don’t know how I feel about these meals…

We’ve got our orientation at Sweet Briar tomorrow… Looks like my semester in France is finally going to start!

C’est l’exception qui confirme la règle.

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