The Chocolate Obsession

I have no idea why, but I thought I heard someone knocking on my door this morning, so I got up, and answered it only to find an empty hallway. I checked my alarm clock… it wasn’t going to go off for another 40 minutes, so I went back to bed thinking I wasn’t actually going to be able to fall asl-ZZZZZZZ. Thursdays are usually my favorite day of the week. Here, I only seem to like them because my first few morning thoughts go something like this…

Réveil sonne
“Putain… I hate having to get up really early two days in a row… it’s still dark out… I hate my life… I hate France… I hate people who get to sleep in… I hate Th-HEY TOMORROW’S FRIDAY AND I GET TO SLEEP IN UNTIL LIKE, 10:30! I can conquer the world now!”
Since I’ve been eating all sorts of rice cakes, I’ve starting having one with jam, and one with a slice of cheese that I’ve zapped in the microwave so the cheese melts a little bit. The cheese is kind of like the French equivalent of Kraft Singles, but it’s Emmental. I figured Madame would find out my bizarre breakfast ritual eventually, and she happened to be in the kitchen when I microwaved my rice cake this morning… because I couldn’t wait any longer to put it in the microwave…
Qu’est ce-que tu mets dedans le micro-ondes?”
(What did you put in the microwave?)
“Une galette du riz avec une morceau de fromage. C’est un peu bizarre, je sais…”
(A rice cake with a slice of cheese. It’s a little odd, I know…)
“Fromage? Quelle type de fromage?”
(Cheese? What kind of cheese?)
“Euh… c’est ça… Croque Emmental.”
(Um… it’s this one… Croque Emmental [it’s meant for Croque Monsieurs].)
“Ah. C’est… différent.”
(Ah. That’s… different.)
I went onto explain that it’s better for me to have a little something “stronger” for breakfast (as in something with protein) so that I don’t faint (I didn’t know the word for faint, so I said “donc je ne me retrouve pas sur le sol or “so that I don’t find myself on the floor,” faint is s’évanouir). Madame said she understood, since she knows the typical American breakfast is huge, involving eggs and ham and things. I said I don’t eat much for breakfast, but a slice of cheese on toast or a rice cake works just fine. Sheila and I headed off to Sweet Briar for our theatre class shortly after breakfast since both of us came to the table fully dressed, coiffed, and makeuped. I realize that “makeuped” is not a word. Call me Shakespeare, it is now… if you didn’t catch that reference, Shakespeare invented a lot of words, one of the most famous being assassinate… Tangent over… I seriously hate taking the metro on Thursdays at 8:45. It’s packed. Standing room only. All kinds of awful. Definitely going to love two and a half more months of this. Not…

We talked about seeing L’École des Femmes in class today, we got to see a lot of pictures of other sets, we discussed how the stage was set up… things like that. Mme. Hersant gave us some reviews of the performance we saw to read, and we found out that this was the fourth time this particular director had done this show. We even saw a set from the last time he’d directed this show (it was SO different from this one), and it really amazed me how the same director can do the same show and not somehow end up taking the same path with it. Maybe he was inspired by something different, or this different cast inspired him. We read a few more things about the education of women, and that ended the class.

I didn’t do anything too interesting during my break between classes today. I went downstairs to eat, then went back up to Sweet Briar’s library to work on my monologue. I’m surprised with how well I know the first half of it. I need to work a lot harder on it, though. Mme. Hervier saw me, and popped in to ask how my classes were going and to ask if she needed to switch any classes for me. I told her I didn’t think she needed to switch anything for her, but I told her about how M. Clavier keeps speaking English to me, and she said I should talk to Mme. Grée about it when she’s back in her office next week since that’s really bizarre. It got a little noisy in the library, so I had some trouble focusing and ended up talking to some people instead of working on the monologue.
We did a lot of work on what pronouns follow à and de today. If you’re dealing with à and it’s followed by a thing, the pronoun you’re going to use (no matter the verb) is always going to be y, and it’ll always go after any other pronoun. Thus, “Vous pensez à votre pays?” “Oui, j’y pense.” for a normal verb, and “Vous vous intérestez à la politique?” “Oui, je m’y intéresse.” for a reflexive verb. When you’re dealing with de and it’s followed by a person (him, your friends, your professor, whatever), the pronouns are tonique (moi, toi, lui, elle, nous, vous, eux, elles). Thus, “Vous avez besoin de vos amis?” “Oui, j’ai besoin d’eux.” and “Vous vous sovenez de mon frère?” “Oui, je me souviens de lui.” If you’ve got de followed by a thing, your pronoun is always en, and that goes after any other pronoun. Thus, “Vous avez besoin de mon dictionnaire?” “Oui, j’en ai besoin.” and “Vous vous souvenez de cette histoire?” “Oui, je m’en souviens.” Hmm. What happens if you have to use y and en in the same sentence? Y goes before en! How do you remember? What sound does un âne (a donkey) make? “y en!” If you’re going to say something to the effect of “such a…” you need to use the adjective “(un) tel/(une) telle/(de) tels/(de) telles.” So, “how can you go out with such a guy?” in French would be “Comment peut-tu sortir avec un tel mec?”
I headed home right after class. I only had one rice cake left this morning, so I stopped by Carrefour to pick up a pack of them just in case Madame hadn’t noticed/wasn’t going to go shopping today. I figured I’d hide them in my room for now. I don’t have much for snacks in my room, so I thought I’d pick up a few other things. Mme. Remion had bought these rice cakes that had chocolate in the middle, so I thought I’d try to find those since I hadn’t had any chocolate since we ran out of Nutella. I found something similar to those chocolate rice cakes, a small bag of Bolognaise chips, and I picked up a Lindt chocolate bar, but not just any chocolate bar… this one was Noir Caramel à la pointe de Sel. Chocolat noir extra fin au caramel et à la fleur de sel. Extra fine dark chocolate with shards of caramel and salt. If you’re not salivating after reading that line… you need help. All of that and the rice cakes I’d come to get in the first place was just over five euro. I went home, and had a little bit of the chocolate bar while I was milling around online. Oh my. Best store-bought chocolate bar of my life. I had to really stop myself from eating the whole thing. Dark chocolate is good for you, but even I can’t stomach it without a little something sweet to go with it, so pairing it with the caramel was a good idea… and the salt went with the caramel… and I’m cursing my brain for making me want to eat more of it right now as I’m writing this post… It’s a new offering from Lindt, it says so on the package, but I certainly hope it stays around since it’s so darn delicious!
While puttering around online, I got a little inspired, so I did some writing… Much to my surprise, it’s met with some good reviews! For something that literally came out of me like… well, word vomit… I’m pleased that some people at least thought it was beautiful word vomit! I’ve been catching up on The Big Bang Theory episodes since I was running out of things to watch online, which has been one of the better decisions I’ve made recently, which would be the reason for the title of today’s post, if you know much about the series. I got a chance to talk to my big sister for a few minutes before dinner, which is always a pleasure. I really do love talking to friends from back home. Some have started talking to me more now that I’m so far away, and I really love it! I just hope I get to stay in contact with them just as much when I return home. Dinner was really good. We had saumon en papillotte with rice and broccoli, and Madame showed me that she’d bought some gluten-free bread for me, but it’s just for bread and not for sandwich making for lunch, which is definitely fine with me. She’s kind of upset with the fact that both of us are tired after our classes and we aren’t going out and exploring Paris even though we have the time, but not the energy… We tried to make up for it by saying we have plenty of time to do something tomorrow, and we’re going to take full advantage of Nuit Blanche on Saturday night. Madame had evidently watched the Presidential debate, which I have yet to do, and was asking about how I thought the election would go, which was an interesting topic for me… then she asked about how healthcare worked for people that were unemployed. Later on, we talked about how the housing system worked at our college, and how we have to clean our rooms ourselves, and the bathrooms are communal, but I hated it, so I have an apartment and I live with my dog. Madame thought that was funny. I also told her that I’m usually not a neat person, and if my mother saw my room the way it is now, she’d say it’s too clean to be my room. Madame laughed, and I told her it was good that she’s getting on me about keeping my room clean (since that’s the way she likes it) because I really do need to learn how to clean up after myself.

I still have no idea what we’re going to do tomorrow, but it’s got to be something cultural and Parisian. I know that much.

Une femme a toujours une vengeance prête. Molière: Tartuffe

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