I had planned on getting up at ten so I could do some yoga this morning before I went to class. I don’t know what it is with my alarm lately and going off at the wrong part of my REM cycle… I reset it to go off again at 10:30, and that’s when I got up for breakfast, no yoga at all. I knocked on Sheila’s door to wake her so we could eat together. Between being woken up in the wrong part of my REM cycle twice now, still mulling over the potential of being sentenced to a semester in dogless-dormdom from yesterday, I wasn’t in the best of moods. After getting ready to go to class at my leisure, listening to old music from my iTunes library working on compiling various playlists, I ran through my monologue a couple of times in the living room, complete with throwing myself all over the room as much as possible without breaking the furniture (I could care less if I break myself). I doubted I’d actually have to do my repassage (second run) today, but I wanted to be prepared to show that guy who’s doing the same monologue I am what fire he’s messing with… or as Sheila and I like to joke… Molière monologue… I rock that

It was cold outside. I was decently bundled, but I was still cold. I was also running a few minutes late for class, so I jogged in spurts to creepy Paris III after I got off of the metro. I made it just in time to catch my classmates filing into the classroom. The last few people who hadn’t done their monologue at all went today, and Rachel was one of them. She did a contemporary piece, and she did very well! A couple people from the very first week did their repassages so I might go next week, not sure at this point.

I had a couple errands to run on my way home from the metro today. I got the “text of death” from Orange this morning, so I needed to buy a rechargement at a tabac, then I stopped by Carrefour to pick up a box of Ricola cough drops (since those are gluten-free) since I only had two left, and I wanted to stop by a papeterie right by Pancake Square to get a tube of super glue to Macgyver the soles of my 10 euro black boots. I’ve found that covering a “soft” or “weak” spot on the soles of the shoes where they’ve worn down a little faster than others in super glue somehow “strengthens” them, so I figure the five euro tube of glue is cheaper than a new pair of boots. When I got to the door of our building, Sheila happened to be all of ten steps ahead of me, so we walked in together.

We had some salmon, spinach, and potatoes for dinner tonight. I managed to mention that I needed to go see a doctor to get another month’s worth of one of my prescriptions to Madame tonight, and Mme. Parnet had suggested that I ask if I could see Madame’s doctor. Madame said she’d call her doctor and ask if that was alright, then she’d give me her number so I could set up the appointment myself. That should be an interesting blog post…

Je ne suis pas dans m’assiette aujourd’hui. I’m not myself today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

La façon de donner vaut mieux que ce qu’on donne. Corneille: Le Menteur

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