Malade, I still am. (SEPT)

Uneventful, today was. If noticed you have not, in Yoda today’s post is. Say no to dares, I cannot.

Awake blowing my nose, I was all night, even though took my last dose of Nyquil, I did. Off at nine, my alarm went. I know not why. Skyped my big sister for an hour, I did. Back to bed for three hours, I went. Heard voices of Madame and her daughter, I did. This is bizarre, I thought. Up I got at 11:30. Loaded Grey’s Anatomy then Facebooked Sheila, I did. Hungry, she was. Madame and her daughter are gone, we’re safe, we thought. To breakfast we went. After breakfast, watched Grey’s Anatomy, we did. “What a cliffhanger!” we thought. Oh, Shonda Rhimes, you have mastered the force…

Doing homework in my room, I did for the rest of the day. My scenic design and costume project portions, I finished. The force was strong with me today. Madame and her daughter, at five they left. Sheila and I ate meals from Picard for dinner, we did.

Tomorrow will be better (and I will be less sick), I hope.

Bientôt nous plongerons dans les froides ténèbres;
Adieu, vive clarté de nos étés trop courts!
“Chant d’Automne”


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